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Jan Hommes and Son Race Season 2023 so far!!!

14th Dutch National Pau 679mls. 3934b.

2nd National Agen 11 hurts 21 minutes on the wing. 6554b. 622mls.

14th International Yearlings 5296b. 11 hours 43 minutes on the wing.

14th, 47th, 89th National Barcelona 770 mls.4832b.

Prestigious Fond C. NH 2023 So Far !!

1st 24th 27th 42nd 66th 76th Pau 334b.

1st 3rd 4th 13th 21st 30th Bordeaux 452b.

3rd 24th 27th 42nd 66th 76th Pau 334b.

2nd 8th 15th 74th 82nd Barcelona 527b.

9th 13th 16th 18th 26th 30th 32nd 36th 60th 73rd St Vincent 394b.

2nd 13th 28th 33rd 35th 47th 50th Bordeaux 872b 582mls. 

2nd 7th 12th 14th 19th 32nd 35th 38th 41st Cahors 615mls. 694b.

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